AK Land Solution

Our Process

Our Process

We understand that selling property can be very stressful for landowners. We aim to make this transaction as simple as possible, ensuring you have clarity and confidence in our process!

1. Submit Land Details

If you’re interested in selling your land to AK Land Solution, we need a few details to generate an offer. This includes the county and state of your property and the address or parcel number. Don’t hesitate to reach out if any of these details are complicated or unclear! We’re familiar with the complexities of land ownership, and we’re here to help you navigate them for a successful sale.

You can submit your details to us here! If you’ve already received an offer, you meet our investment criteria for your area.

2. Receive & Review Cash Offer

Once we have your land information, we evaluate it to determine if it meets our investment criteria and then generate an offer. We may contact you for additional details, so please indicate your preferred contact method when submitting your information.

3. Sign Purchase Agreement

Your offer will include a section for you to fill out and sign, entering into a contract to sell your land. Once signed, we will immediately start coordinating your transaction.

4. Schedule Closing

After receiving the signed purchase agreement, we work with our network of title companies and attorneys in your area to manage the sale. Our closing partner will prepare all necessary details and documents to ensure a quick and smooth closing and provide the earliest possible closing date.

5. Receive Payment

On closing day, once you’ve signed the necessary documents, the sale is finalized, and you will receive your payment. We aim for this process to be effortless and for you to be satisfied with the outcome of your land sale!